Your Guide To Wrapping A Popiah Like An Expert

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Your Guide To Wrapping A Popiah Like An Expert

Popiah, which means "thin pancake" in “Hokkien”, is a thin crepe-like pancake wrapper filled with cooked meat and vegetables. The crispy roll is more frequently referred to as a spring roll when it is deep fried, but referred as “popiah” when the wrapper is left undone. Popiah has roots in China's Fujian Province and originates from the Southeast. It originated from the spring roll, which was consumed in the spring when there were vegetables available in abundance. Since then, the Chinese diaspora has given rise to numerous rolls with local ingredients throughout Asia.

Popiah In Singapore

Popiah is typically consumed as a snack or as a side dish in Singapore. The majority of hawker centres sell it, and “‘DIY' popiah parties" are very well-liked in Singapore. At these gatherings, you are free to use the prepared popiah skin and fillings to make your own popiah. A good popiah must be filled to the brim with flavorful, savoury, and sweet-tasting turnip, jicama, and yam bean shreds. According to legend, the popiah first appeared in Singapore during the Ming Dynasty, when an imperial officer was too busy to sit down for a full meal. Observing her husband's busy schedule, the man's devoted wife chopped up some ingredients and wrapped them in a thin flour skin. The popiah was born just like that.

Making A Popiah - A Step By Step Guide

  • How to make the popiah skin

The centrepiece of this dish is the popiah skin.They can be made at home or you can purchase handmade popiah skin from a store. A popiah skin wrapper is a delicate, paper-thin crepe or pancake made from a highly elastic batter of flour, water, and salt. With one hand holding the batter, it is quickly rubbed in a circular motion against a hot steel plate before being raised. The wet dough will form a very thin layer on the hot steel plate during this process and will start to cook. After that, it is removed by peeling it off the hot plate.

  • How to make the popiah filling

Once all of the wrappers are ready, it's time to move on to the filling. In a wok, cook the garlic for 10 seconds before adding the shrimp. Jicama, carrot, salt, sugar, and pepper are added after cooking for about 1 minute. Stirring occasionally, heat the mixture until the jicama starts to soften. Add the crab meat and continue cooking the filling until the jicama is completely soft.

  • How to assemble the popiah

The most exciting part is creating the popiah itself. A harmony of flavours is required for the ideal popiah or Chinese spring roll. Don't stuff the spring roll too much, as it might tear when you start to wrap it or bite into it. This may require some practice and skill.

  • Put a popiah or spring roll wrapper first on a plate or flat board.
  • Spread as much hot sauce, sweet sauce, and minced fried garlic as desired.
  • Next, place a piece of crisp lettuce along one edge of the spring roll wrap.
  • Then add the blanched bean sprouts and cucumber, cut into thin ribbons.
  • On top, add 2 tablespoons of the filling that has been drained of the gravy.
  • Add some roasted ground peanuts and shallot crisps on top, followed by the omelette strips.
  • Last but not least, wrap the popiah, fold the sides in, and roll it up like a swiss roll.

Jicama or stewed turnip filling must be dry before being placed on the popiah or spring roll wrapper to avoid moistening the skin, which could lead to a tear while wrapping the spring rolls. Eat the popiah or spring roll as soon as it is wrapped. Otherwise, it might become squishy. Prior to serving, you can also cut the spring rolls into smaller pieces.

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