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Handmade Popiah



Handmade popiah

Savour the culinary legacy of handmade popiah at Ann Chin Popiah, where tradition meets innovation. Since 1958, our traditional method of producing popiah has been prominent in Singapore, earning us a solid reputation in the market for delectable and fresh popiah. As you go on a culinary adventure with us, learn about the rich history and flavours that lie behind our popiah masterpieces.

Popiah originated from the spring roll that was consumed in the abundant springtime in the Fujian Province of China. As the Chinese diaspora migrated throughout Asia, Popiah then developed into a mouthwatering variety of regional flavours.

The Art of Handmade Popiah 

Our delicately made wafer-like handmade popiah skin, which is manufactured from wheat flour, is a testament to the several steps we take to obtain the ideal texture. With each carefully cut sheet, a symphony of flavours is waiting to be discovered within.

Vegetarian-Friendly and Allergy-Safe Options

Ann Chin Popiah takes pleasure in providing a popiah recipe free of pork, fat, and shellfish in order to cater to the different palates of our clients. We guarantee that everyone may enjoy the delectable taste of homemade popiah without compromise. We are committed to inclusivity—even for those with dietary needs or allergies.


Explore Our Popiah Creations


  • Popiah DIY Party Set (18 Rolls): Perfect for gatherings to make your own popiah. Our party set includes fresh hand-made popiah skin, cooked turnip with sliced carrots, garlic, chilli padi paste, crispy bits, peanuts, green shredded lettuce, eggs, chilli sweet sauce, and sweet sauce. No pork/lard or seafood.
    Priced at S$38.00


  • Fun Sized Popiah Set (10 Rolls): Ideal for a smaller group, this set comprises fresh hand-made popiah skin and a medley of delightful ingredients. Enjoy the same goodness in a compact package at just S$25.00.


  • Handmade Popiah SkinHandmade Popiah Skin: For the culinary enthusiasts, our handmade popiah skin is available for purchase at S$11.00 per 500g. Approximately 40 small pieces can be crafted from this.


Whether you're planning a Popiah DIY party or just in the mood for our handmade Popiah skins, there is something for everyone. Click here to discover the exciting options that await you.