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Handmade Popiah


Popiah is a beloved classic loved by Singaporeans and foodies around the world including our Asian neighbours, Malaysia and Taiwan. In fact, these fresh spring rolls have their origins in the 17th century!

Perhaps the best part of any popiah is its wafer-like skin which is usually made from wheat flour. The filling for popiah usually includes a delectable assortment of ingredients like steamed turnip, prawns, shredded carrots and chopped peanuts among a long list of other savoury elements. The great thing about popiah is the wide variety of fillings you can choose from and the exciting variations you can consider.

Check out our various popiah sets available below! These include our Popiah DIY Party Set perfect for a party of 18 persons. With our Popiah DIY Party Set, you can treat your guests to an unforgettable experience where they can learn the intricacies of making a great popiah! We also offer a Fun sized Popiah Set if you would like to indulge in some popiah making with your family of 3-4 persons.

Need Popiah skin? Look no further. Ann Chin Popiah is the undisputed Handmade Popiah Skin specialist since 1958. You can make close to 85-88 small popiah pieces per kilogram of our Handmade Popiah Skin.


Popiah DIY Party Set (18 Rolls)

1 Party Set : approx.18 rolls. Ingredients provided: Fresh hand-made popiah skin, cooked turnip with sliced carrots, garlic,chilli padi paste, crispy bits, peanuts, green shredded lettuce, eggs, chilli sweet sauce and sweet sauce. NO PORK/LARD, NO SEAFOOD.



Fun sized Popiah Set (10 Rolls)

It's a popiah set that's suitable for a family of 3-4pax (wrap approx 10 rolls). Includes all the ingredients stated in the normal popiah set, just portion size differs. Includes Handmade Popiah Skin, cooked turnip, crispy bits, peanut, eggs, lettuce, garlic, chilli padi, sweet sauce and in house chilli sweet sauce. NO PORK/LARD, NO SEAFOOD.



Handmade Popiah Skin

Per kg approximately can wrap 85-88 pcs (small pc)

From S$11.00


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