About Us

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About Us

Ann Chin Popiah was founded in 1958 by Mr Lim Kam Chwee, who travelled from FuJian Province, China to Singapore in the 1940s.


In his early days, Mr Lim struggled from juggling odd jobs to support himself and his family.   He has always strongly believed that as long as one is willing to work hard and has the willingness to learn, it is only a matter of time before one becomes successful.


It was only in the late 50s that Mr Lim finally had his break in life. After having done multiple “Coolie” jobs at the docks and taking up “Hawker Assistant” jobs at the night markets, Mr Lim realized that he could use his Hand Made Popiah Skin Making skill he mastered back in FuJian, China to carve a name for himself.


With this idea in mind, he took out all of his savings and invested in a pushcart and named it “Ann Chin” (or 安珍 in Chinese). In order to save cost, many of the parts used on the pushcart were recycled from old pushcarts.


In 1958, Mr Lim finally set up shop in “Orh Kio” (or 黑桥 in Hokkien), which is currently named as Upper Thomson Road. It is widely known by  fellow commercial  customers that Mr Lim’s skin is fragrant, thin and chewy.


Since then, his unique skill of Hand Made Popiah Skin making has been passed down to his children. Although Mr Lim have already passed on, his legacy still lives. By 2008, his children incorporated the company and started the retail business named Ann Chin Company Pte Ltd