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Popiah - The popular snack in Singapore

Popiah in Singapore is a dish that can be eaten for dinner or as a snack in between meals. Popiah is loved by many foodies and people from all over the world.

Traditional popiah is said to have originated in the Fujian region in Southeast of China and is typically enjoyed during the spring season when there are plenty of vegetables available.

It is a very popular dish among the Chinese community in Singapore, reflective of their cultural and traditional roots. During the Qingming Festival of ancestor worship, popiah is often used as an offering.

The secret of any good popiah is its skin. Popiah skin should be chewy, tough, and paper thin. Water, oil, and salt are added to the batter, which is normally made of wheat flour. The dough is hand-churned before being fried on a heated griddle.

To make a popiah roll, a thin coating of sweet sauce, chili paste, and garlic paste is put on the skin. Before wet fillings, dried ingredients and sauces are stacked on top of the skin and  covered with a lettuce leaf. The ends are secured after the skin has been wrapped. Popiah is both savory and sweet. Using the right amount of ingredients is essential in achieving this flavor balance.

Ann Chin Popiah and popiah delivery

Mr. Lim Kam Chwee, who had emigrated from Fujian Province in China to Singapore in the 1940s, launched Ann Chin Popiah in 1958.

In his early days, Mr Lim struggled to support himself and his family and had to juggle many odd jobs to do so.He has always had a strong conviction that achieving success is merely a matter of time for anyone who is ready to work hard and be open to learning.

Mr. Lim didn't get his big break in life until the late 1950s. After working as a "Coolie" at the ports numerous times and as a "Hawker Assistant'' at the night markets, Mr. Lim came to the conclusion that he could make a name for himself using the handmade popiah skin making skill he mastered in FuJian, China.

With this idea in mind, he took out all of his savings and invested in a pushcart, and named it “Ann Chin” (or 安珍 in Chinese). In order to save on the initial cost, many of the parts used on the pushcart were recycled from old pushcarts.

In 1958, Mr. Lim finally set up his shop in “Orh Kio” (or 黑桥 in Hokkien), which is currently named as Upper Thomson Road. It is widely known by fellow commercial  customers that Mr. Lim’s skin is fragrant, thin and chewy.

His children have since inherited his special talent for creating handmade popiah skins. Even though Mr. Lim is no longer with them, his legacy endures. By 2008, his children had formed a corporation and opened a store under the name Ann Chin Company Pte Ltd.

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Ann Chin is the most well-known brand for traditional popiah in Singapore, and is recognized with a "Michelin Plate" in the Singapore Michelin Guide.The Michelin Plate, or L'Assiette Michelin, is a brand-new certification used globally to indicate restaurants where food critics have discovered world class food.

Ann Chin is at Sin Ming plaza now which is the most well-known, although Chinatown Complex food center is where it has its primary location. Popiah rolls from Ann Chin cost $2.00 each, they also offer other housemade products, such as crispy kueh pie tee and assorted flavor of handmade spring rolls (yam, curry and turnip).

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